Here’s how summer heat is affecting your auto glass

As the summer season begins, the problems with the windscreens of vehicles start appearing. The scorching heat of summer can be harmful to the windscreen of cars and other vehicles. It’s a common thought that the high temperature in summer affects the auto glass, but actually, it is the difference in maximum and minimum temperature that is the reason for auto glass problems.


Change in temperature is the real culprit

In the summer seasons, days are hot and nights are cool, so the windshield glass expand and contract with the rise & fall in temperature. If the rise and fall in temperature are slow and steady, it won’t cause any problems; however, the sudden changes in temperature cause the windscreen to crack. The continuous fluctuation of temperature in summer season causes serious damage to the auto glass.


There may be multiple reasons for sudden changes in temperature of your car. Using the AC for cooling your car and washing your car when parked in the sun may lead to sudden changes in temperature which is harmful to your auto glass.

Moreover, people don’t care much while parking their car. They park their car in the sun which makes it much hot from inside as well as outside. When you enter your car that is parked in the sun, it is quite obvious that you switch on the AC to cool it as soon as possible. You switch on the AC and set the cooling on high which cools your car as well as your windscreen quickly from inside.

This creates a large temperature difference in the inner surface and outer surface of your windscreen, which is the main reason for chips and cracks in summer. The cool air from AC cools the inner surface of the windscreen glass, but it remains hot from outside, which causes it to crack. Auto experts suggest increasing the cooling of the AC gradually to cool your car which won’t have any negative impact on your auto glass.

It is advised to park your car in the shade instead of direct sunlight and increase the cooling of your AC gradually. The summer heat also causes small chips to spread into large cracks. That is why it is advised to get your windscreen repaired as soon as a minor crack occurs.

Some people wash their cars parked in the direct sun and splash water on the hot windshield. This causes the sudden lowering of the temperature of the auto glass making it vulnerable to damage. Also, people spray water on their windscreen from the washer nozzles to clean it which again leads to sudden fall in temperature of the outer surface while the inner surface remains warm.

All these sudden changes in temperature of the inner and outer surface of the auto glass make it more vulnerable to chips and cracks. The sudden changes in temperature lead to sudden expansion and contraction of the auto glass which makes it weak continuously, even if it does not crack immediately.

Tips to protect your auto glass in summer

You should always try to park your car in the shade as the temperature in the shade is less than the areas receiving direct sunlight. Parking your car in the shade prevents it from becoming hotter, and your auto glass quickly adjusts to the cooling of your AC.

Never run your AC on high as you enter you hot car parked in the sun. Instead, start your car AC on low and increase the cooling steadily. This cools you auto glass slowly and protects it from getting damaged.

Wiki how

When you want to wash your car, park it in the shade and allow it to cool before splashing water on your windscreen. You should also take care of the other window glasses as they are also vulnerable to damage by the changes in temperature.

Allow your car to cool before spraying water from washer nozzles. You may also use an auto glass cleaner to clean your windscreen instead of using the washer nozzles. The wet cloth cleans your windscreen but does not change its temperature suddenly.

When you see any chips or small crack in your windscreen, get it repaired immediately. The scorching heat of summer and change in temperature will cause them to spread quickly. Repairing the minor chips and cracks as soon as they appear prevents them from spreading and saves your time and money.  If you live in Brisbane, you can check for windscreen chip repair Brisbane online to know about the agencies which provide windshield repair services.

Final words

The changes in temperature in the summer season can be quite harmful to your windscreen. However, if you take care of small things mentioned above in this post, you can easily protect your windscreen from chips, cracks and other damages.


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