How to Choose Real Wood Flooring

Choosing the best wood flooring that is real is critical in the event that you want to get the most durability and longevity for the money. Many people choose a flooring material based on looks. It is a mistake.

You need to understand that which you will get before you purchase any type of wood flooring. Making the correct choice will ensure your wood floor that is real will provide lasting beauty to your own home.

Flooring Types

There are three basic types of wood flooring that is real. Unlike laminates or veneers that consist of a thin layer of synthetic and wood materials the remaining way real wood floors contain wood most of the way through.


One main concern using a great wood floor is that temperature and humidity changes can cause the wood.




This creates a floor surface that’s stable in humid environments for example bathrooms and kitchens.


Acrylic Impregnated


By injecting an acrylic compound to the wood, it’s created. This creates a surface that is durable and very hard.


Wood Cuts


The way the wood is cut throughout the manufacturing process will affect appearance and the stability of the wood.


Plain Sawn


Each cut of the lumber is created parallel. This really is the method that is most economical because it produces the least waste. This produces wood that’s more variations compared to the other cutting method.


Quarter Sawn


Before being cut into strips lumber is cut. Wood flooring is created by this using a vertical grain that contract and will expand instead of horizontally during humidity changes. Flooring cut this way have an extremely tight-grained appearance.


You will find also species and many finishing options of wood. All those selections will provide you with different appearances and different levels of durability.

Other Considerations

These are however, you will find other specifications for example floor and grading styles that can affect the entire appearance of the flooring.

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Making the proper selection of wood flooring that is real is important. It must perform well underneath the conditions in which it is likely to be used, although you want a thing that will fit the design of your home. Careful selection will make sure your money is -invested and you will enjoy the beauty of a real wood floor in your home to get a long time.




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