These are the essential apparatuses that you should gain before you begin crushing your carport floor. In the event that you as of now have some of these or know about somebody who can loan them to you, at that point clearly it will cost you even less. The tidy cover for the edge processor is discretionary and should be appended to a shop vacuum with a specific end goal to utilize it. Remember that valuing may shift contingent upon your region.

4 ½” point processor, Harbor Freight Tools – $16.00

4″ jewel turbo glass wheel, Amazon– $15.00

Discretionary tidy cover for the point processor, Amazon – $29.00

Floor cradle rental, Home Depot – $38.00

A large portion of the floor maintainers that Home Depot lease don’t have a discretionary clean cover connection. This will require that you crush the floor wet in the event that you need to evade the clean. On the off chance that you locate a rental with the tidy cover connection, you should lease a shop vacuum to run with it or utilize your own.

The little point processor and glass wheel functions admirably to feather any carport floor interwoven or split repair and additionally crushing the regions and edges close to the divider. It’s likewise useful for smoothing out the raised edges of expansive withdrawal joints if deciding on the consistent carport floor look or pounding down any irregular high spots.

Golvslipning Stockholm

In the event that you will pound dry with your own particular shop vacuum, at that point one other instrument you might need to buy is a Dust Deputy. Solid tidy is fine and will obstruct the filtration arrangement of a standard shop vacuum decently fast requiring continuous stops to get them out. The Dust Deputy works by making its own clean gathering framework that keeps the channels of the vacuum essentially tidy free.


The primary thing that should be done is to clear up the carport floor and clean any oil or oil spots from the surface. We prescribe that you clean these territories of the solid before you begin your task.

Next, in the event that you have chosen not to utilize a clean cover and vacuum, be set up for the tidy that will take after a run of the mill 7″ solid processor with a turbo container wheel, you will at present have a little dust storm that will coat everything in your carport.

When pounding wet, begin by wetting the surface of the solid that you will granulate. It’s best to work in segments when you do this. Utilizing the floor support with the Diamabrush connection, begin by granulating the surface of the solid, gradually working the machine in a round movement. It will just take a couple of minutes to make sense of to what extent to work a zone before you have to proceed onward.

To check your work, utilize the hose to shower the zone clean with a high weight spout and after that run your fingers over the surface. It should feel like medium coarseness sandpaper and have a more granular look. Proceed with thusly, crushing the carport floor one area at any given moment until the point when you are finished. Make a point to work the machine as far as possible up against the stem dividers of the carport floor, getting as close as possible.

Note: When pounding with the wet technique, don’t give the wet slurry a chance to dry out. It’s a bear to wipe out of the solid appropriately on the off chance that you do and can prompt a covering disappointment on the off chance that it isn’t totally expelled. Each time you complete a segment, utilize your hose to impact the territory clean while it’s as yet wet and after that proceed onward to your next segment.

Since wet crushing can make an incredible slurry, we prescribe that before you impact an area clean, utilize a wet vac to suck up most of the slurry. This aides massively with keeping the measure of slurry that you hose out of your carport down to a base.

Not including the edge work or other difficult to achieve places, the vast majority can pound a standard 2-auto carport floor (around 400 ft²) in a little more than two hours when utilizing this strategy.

Once done, this will leave a strip around 2″-3″ wide around the edge of the dividers ,There will be more in the corners. Utilize the little 4 ½” processor with the precious stone container wheel to evacuate this outstanding piece of cement and the bigger regions in the corners.

Be mindful so as to keep the glass wheel level on the carport floor when crushing. On the off chance that you apply excessively weight or edge it a lot at first glance, it will leave “kiss marks”. These are little half-moon divots that can possibly appear through your covering.

The solid should be genuinely dry for the region that you are pounding when utilizing the container wheel. In the event that it’s wet, you should utilize a ground blame circuit interrupter to avert shocking yourself with the edge processor. You can buy these for about $25. Ordinarily you can utilize the power line augmentation that accompanies the floor maintainers on the off chance that regardless you have time on the rental. They more often than not have a GFCI incorporated with the string.

Simply recollect that in the event that you are utilizing a tidy cover on your processor that a standard shop vacuum isn’t made to deal with such fine clean.

You may need to wipe out the channel many circumstances while pounding the edges. Despite the fact that you are not crushing a great deal of cement, on the off chance that you choose not to utilize the cover be set up for the measure of tidy this little processor will put out.

Note: When dry granulating, ensure you wear a tidy veil endorsed for solid clean, security glasses and ear plugs for your own particular wellbeing. Solid clean (crystalline silica) is viewed as a human lung cancer-causing agent..


Once the crushing is done, it’s an ideal opportunity to ensure the carport floor is perfect of all the tidy. On the off chance that you ground the floor wet, at that point chances are the floor is perfect.

To check, run your finger over the surface when it has dried. In the event that your finger is spotless and doesn’t have white buildup on it then you are ready. Another test is press a segment of channel tape to the solid and afterward pull it up. It should stick genuinely well and confess all.

On the off chance that you have a great deal of white deposit, at that point this is abundance tidy that did not get impacted out and should be cleaned. The most ideal path is to stir up an answer of TSP (Trisodium phosphate) in a container, spread it out on the floor and softly clean it with a push sweeper or since quite a while ago took care of scour brush.

Utilizing your high weight spout, wash the solid genuine well ensuring there is no more arrangement abandoned. Work in segments in the event that you have to with the goal that the arrangement won’t dry before you wash it out. This will help lift any outstanding slurry and clean that is in the pores of the solid when you wash.

On the off chance that you did a dry crush, the most effortless approach to guarantee the solid is perfect and prepared is to utilize the wide mouth connection on your shop vacuum and simply vacuum all the clean up. What’s pleasant about this strategy is the reality you can begin immediately with applying your floor covering since there is no water on the floor that requirements to completely dry.

Once the floor is done, test distinctive territories by sprinkling a little water at first glance giving careful consideration to any zones that were covered in oil or oil or where you may have utilized a tire dressing that trickled onto your solid. It ought to assimilate the water decently fast. In the event that it just sits at first glance, at that point you may need to regrind or potentially re-clean that spot before you epoxy.

It should be possible in under a day and it’s considerably more secure to use than a corrosive engraving. The best part is that it gives the best surface profile to your epoxy floor covering to cling to.

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