Refinishing a Fir Hardwood Floor

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Fir floors are one of the most beautiful floors found in lots of homes.

This implies performance and the appearance of your floor will differ from those of an oak floor. In the event that you would like to be happy with your floors understanding these differences is important.

Fir is vulnerable to impact damage than white or red oak. With this scale, white oak rates at 1360, red oak fir and 1290 in the bottom using a lowly 660. Fir floors are more difficult to refinish since they’re soft.

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Great care must be taken to make sure the absolute minimum amount of wood is removed through the sanding process. This has lots of experience. This is one of the floors that are easiest should you not know that which you might be doing to mess up. Many fir floors become ruined by deep drum marks caused by hardwood floor refinishing companies that are inexperienced.


This takes decades off the life span of a floor as well as in cases of floors that are thin, it may mean being forced to replace large sections.


Fir is not the kind of flooring to practice on your sanding skills.


Refinished fir floors exhibit another characteristic called bruising or mottling. The extent of the bruising can vary greatly to area in just a single room. In close to the perimeter of a room or high traffic areas, darker, blotchy areas are often shown by the fir. The structure of cells and fibers in soft fir is very different to hardwoods like oak. Fir becomes bruised and this shows up as darker, blotchy divisions in the ground as traffic makes its way on the other side of the floor over many years.


It’s not uncommon to be in a position to tell where furniture was placed for a lot of years in a room. You may be in a position to visit a light patch which is the size of dresser or a bed surrounded with a darker area which shows the occupants walking path. Usually there’ll be a darker path to entrance and the closets of the room also. Unfortunately there’s nothing that may be achieved to guarantee this natural occurrence of bruising mottling or blotching WOn’t occur. The only assurance that it’s going to not show up is in the event you install a fresh floor.

– Your Fir Floors Could Be Very Thin –


Within the years your floors could have been refinished many times, especially for those who have a heritage home. Due to numerous sandings, the thickness of the wood decreases along with the heads of nails begin showing involving the boards. In case your fir floors are this thin refinishing isn’t an option, and installation of a new floor could be necessary.


Especially if there’s only several nail heads showing, though this may be a false assumption and they may be irregularly scattered through the floor. The original installer may not have set the nail which is now sitting in the floor in relation to the rest. These fir floors installed over a ship lap sub-floor have lots of movement and may be loose. It might function as case the nail needs to be set and just has worked its strategy to the surface within the years. So don’t let someone tell you that they can’t be restored unless they may be absolutely certain which they are unrecoverable.


Another clue they could be thin is to look in the most notable of the grooves. Whenever they may be splitting and breaking off, there’s a good chance there’s not enough wood. The measurement will function as the difference involving the distance along with the surface to the tongue.


Old fir floors are far more susceptible to squeaks and movement . This is the fasteners used as well as due to the way they were installed. Screws weren’t used for holding down the sub-floor, as it’s called under these type of floors or ship lap. The tongue and groove fir flooring was blind nailed to the ship lap.


Within the years, through summers and many winters, your house has settled as well as the floor has settled and moved along with it. In high traffic areas, the ship lap as well as the fir will work its way loose from your nails causing these areas squeak and possibly to move.


Squeaks and movement are normal for all these beautiful floors that are vintage. In the event that you’ve no squeaks consider yourself one of the extremely lucky few. Attempting to repair this kind of movement may be pricey. It involves removing the existing flooring to expose the ship lap which needs to be screwed down. Not any process that is quick, easy or cheap.


Another characteristic of fir floors is they have large gaps involving the boards. This has a great deal to do with all movement and the settling as described above. As they expand on the years and contract, the boards leave you with space involving the joints and can spread apart. Many refinishers trowel fill these gaps to be filled by putty on the entire floor just like they’d for an oak floor. But this might not be with fir in your best interests.


The dried filler will have difficulty staying in place because these floors can move much. The gaps involving the boards will be full of residue and dirt which has collected on the decades and this may further interfere together with the adhesion of the filler. Will get ground shortening its life and scratching it up.


Fir varies from board to board regarding color. Some boards is going to be red, others a lighter brown and others will have significant light colored streaks included. Due to this, no filler color will match. Always take these points into consideration before deciding whether your floors are for filling a candidate or not.


Unfortunately, fir that is new looks nothing. They’ll stand out like a sore thumb, in the event that you use this new flooring to patch areas in your floor.


So there you have it, wood that is soft, bruising, gaps, squeaks and movement are all part of beauty, the charm and character of the gorgeous vintage floors. In the event that you accept for the things they are, these characteristics, then you are going to love these floors just as much as we do.


We have many happy customers to vouch for our top quality work and have completed hundreds of wood floor restoration projects.


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